Hi. My name is Julian Redwood. I’m a father and a Marriage and Family Therapist.

In my life, I have struggled a lot with being a father. I’ve seen a huge amount of suffering in the world and families around me. I have thus been really motivated to try to collect information that you can utilize to make your experience of parenting and fathering much better.

These videos are intentionally kept really short so that they can be very accessible, but as such there’s a lot that I’m leaving out. There will be times when the information is going to be dead wrong for what your situation is. Nonetheless I hope that it inspires you to think about your situation and find the information that you need.

It is so hard being a parent. We all need as much help as we can possibly get in my experience. Hopefully together we can help change the experience of fathering and parenting and being a child in our society. I actually do believe this has immense implications on our society as a whole.

If we as parents are happier, our children are happier, the world becomes a little bit better place.

Thank you for joining me. Take care.

-Julian Redwood, MFT