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Hi. My name is Julian Redwood. I’m the founder of Full Frontal Fatherhood.
The suffering that I see in the families throughout our culture really pulls at my heart.

Full Frontal Fatherhood is an effort to alleviate the suffering and show us all the potential for joy and happiness and community and togetherness.

All of this comes out of my not-thickly-lined pockets. I want to help as much as I can and I want to keep it free for everyone. As such I’m hoping together we can fully fund it and thus avoid instituting a subscription service or packing it into a product that must be purchased.

Whether you can give $5 or $100 or if you have the means $5,000, I promise that all of the money will go directly toward the production and distribution of this information.

None of it will go to pay for me.

Thank you for anything that you can give. Hopefully together we can help fathers really be engaged and really enjoy the wonders of parenting.

Take care,
– Julian Redwood, MFT